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Crucial Things To Fix When Your Organic Traffic Starts Falling
10 March 2019

Are you experiencing a continuous fall in your website’s organic traffic? What comes first into your mind? Any changes in google algorithm! Right?

Yes, it may be the reason but what if you could not find any recovery even after making changes following the google algorithm? There are many other reasons too for a sudden fall in website traffic and you can easily fix this problem.

Below you can read some more causes for dropping traffic along with effective solutions.


Check the Tracking Code

Before looking into any big or complicated area, you should first check your website’s tracking code. Changes to your website code and analytics plugin can result in complications in the tracking code. So before getting into trouble, you must check your website’s tracking code.


Google Search Console

Your website’s indexing status and visibility is maintained and checked by Google Search Console. It lets you know all about a website’s organic traffic. So, you must take a look on Google Search Console to find out what’s wrong with your website traffic.


Google Algorithm Updates

In the year 2018, Google is constantly updating and changing its algorithms. A major change in Google’s Algorithm can cause disturbances in your traffic and rankings. So, it becomes very necessary to keep checking Google algorithm changes. If you have knowledge about the upcoming algorithm changes, you can prepare a plan about how to handle those updates with your content. You can check the updates on  or

Website Changes

A website goes through a lot of changes for many business-related reasons. Sometimes while making changes to the websites, we ignore SEO factors. And, this can result in a sudden drop in website traffic.

You should also look upon the speed and mobile responsiveness of your website. If your website content is not mobile responsive or it takes lot of time to load the content, you might lose a big sum of traffic.


Losing Links

Inbound links tells a lot about your authorization. If your site loses inbound links, google take it as your site is no longer authoritative. It affects your Google ranking badly and thus results in a sudden drop in website traffic. If you find a sudden loss of traffic and rankings, you must check your pages’ inbound links and optimize them.


Content Quality

Content quality of your website can also harm your traffic and ranking. In Google’s Panda update it was mentioned that low quality content must be optimized as it will become a reason for a drop in your Google rankings. To optimize your content by keeping in view all the SEO factors, using high quality images, creating long content and deleting dynamically generated pages, avoiding ads and pop-ups, improving user interface etc.


Loss of traffic is undoubtedly frightening but you can take positive steps to bring it back to life. So, you now have lots of option to try and check the actual reasons for the loss and fix them.


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