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How To Make Cool Income Online With Google AdSense
10 March 2019

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising program that has made huge money for lot of people around the world. This is the platform where webmasters can display pay-per-click ads on their websites. When visitors click an ad, you earn money. It is a revenue sharing opportunity for every website, whether it is small, medium or large, who wants to display ads for their goods and services.

Website publishers simply need to create a free Google AdSense account, and they need to copy and paste the given code to display the ads on their website pages.

Then, Google AdSense inserts a small HTML code on their website. After the installation of the HTML code in their website, the AdSense spiders or crawlers will visit their website to determine its pages and posts in order to provide ads relevant to the website’s content.

Some steps for making money with AdSense are as follows:

  • Choose a profitable niche:

The first thing you need to consider is what your site will be about, basically in which niche it should be based. All niches are not the same. Some are more profitable and some are less, so you need to pick the niche where clicks play well.

After that, you need to search for high-volume keywords in that niche and improve the site for them. You can use AdWords Tools to search for keywords with high search volume.

  • Place the ads in visible places:

It is important to consider the strategic placement of ad units when it comes to earning profit through Google AdSense. Place the ads on your site where they are visible to increase the number of clicks on the ads.

Try to place the ads in the top half of the page and in the text, itself. The closer the ads are to the text, the more chances it will have to get clicked.

  • Optimize the ads for higher CTR:

After strategic placement of the ad units, you need to optimize the ads for a higher CTR (Click Through Rate). For this, you need to choose the right color, right ad size, and multiple ad units to attract more clicks. 

  • Drive traffic to your site:

One of the most important things for making money with Google AdSense is driving Traffic to your website. If you fail to manage to drive traffic to your site, you’ll not be able to make money.

You can drive more traffic from sources like social bookmarking sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Google AdSense offers one of the easiest, most powerful and most profitable advertising methodologies to monetize your website and become successful. Just follow these simple steps, and make a cool income online with this amazing advertising platform.

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