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Secrets of having successful video marketing campaig
09 March 2019

Secrets of having successful video marketing campaigns

Video Marketing in the ever-changing digitized marketing arena has gained enough momentum due to the stupendous benefits it has leveraged by online marketers. No matter which niche your product or service offering is from, whether you are catering directly to businesses or catering directly to the customers, this strategy has proven high conversion rates.

The drastic shift of adding the Human effect into the marketing strategies has left marketers enjoying better user engagement and earning big profits. Videos prove to be the fastest viral campaigns and earn the highest ROI amongst the traditional ways of marketing campaigns.

The immense potential of this highly engaging marketing strategy is the effectiveness of how effortlessly the message is conveyed to the prospects. What words alone can’t achieve, is gained by employing videos. Well, every proven marketing strategy has some essential ingredients that make it accountable for newbies to follow.

So, the most critical factors that would decide the fate of your marketing campaigns are briefed below to help you in crafting your video marketing strategies.

  • Begin with the end in mind

    – After initial levels of scrutinizing the product segment and ideal prospects, the aim your video marketing campaigns would achieve should be visible across the videos. The message you want the prospects to get educated with about your product/service, should be communicated in the simplest manner.
  • Build Videos that are short, engaging and provide complete information

    – The popular search giant, Google rates large quality content high on SERPs. For videos, the opposite is true. The shorter the video, the more click-through it will receive.

Real-time stats prove this - Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement (Wistia, 2016).

  • Identify which type of video would work best for your campaigns

    – From explainer to demo videos or be it the how-tos or testimonials, a video published detailing the efficacy the user is going to derive out by using your product/service should be well-stated and emphasized throughout the video.

## Success Tip – Videos that answer the “How-to” do something fetch the maximum click-through-rates. Stats suggest that, YouTube, the 2nd largest search medium has maximum searches for videos that show how a product/service can used.

  • Create the utility essence in videos

    – Users tend to see the benefits they would derive from purchasing your product. For them your product/service should be the best option that would justify their buying decisions. Offer your users a solution to real-time problems. Craft a story, build the storyline that solves the problem for higher conversions.
  • Convert viewers into buyers

    – All the arduous work you had put into building a great demo video would turn out badly if you miss placing a Call-to-Action It’s simple, as you have made the users aware of your offer, then show them the way to reach you.
  • Distribute your videos across all social networks

    – From Facebook to YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Vimeo make sure your video campaigns have the maximum outreach. Share the videos across all the social networks for getting more views.
  • Personalize your videos

    – The year 2017 would be witnessing a massive shift in the mindset of the viewers. From mass-centric videos to personalized videos, that individualize the whole experience is what marketers are now practicing. Personalized videos would grab more conversions than non-personalized videos. Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged by their names, and if a brand does it for them, then its surely going to spark engagement.

#Success Tip – The average retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized videos. (Source – Hubspot-Video Marketing Statistics)

Lastly, take care of your budget before you begin with your video marketing campaigns.

The quest for maximizing your earnings can be met effectively and efficiently if your strategies are well defined and follow a complete customer-centric approach

Hope these secrets do help you in redefining your video marketing plans.



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