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5 effective video marketing tips for B2B marketers
09 March 2019

5 effective video marketing tips for B2B marketers

Producing fresh and innovative content has become an inevitable part of B2B marketing. Moreover, videos have become a meaningful part of marketing strategies.

Social media websites are bringing video posts to the forefront, and users are responding with a higher level of engagement. Every day,

“More than 8 billion videos are being watched on Facebook. Add to that, every month more than 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube.”

Through video marketing, mundane subjects associated with B2B can be presented in a creative way to engage the audience. If done right, videos can create impressive results, so here are some tips to consider when producing a video for B2B use. 

  1. Understand the elements of a successful video:

In order to create a positive brand image, while creating engaging and entertaining video content, consider the following elements:

  • An attention-grabbing intro
  • Problem that your product can solve
  • Action or challenge
  • Solution or punchline
  • Audience call to action

CTA is a must have component in every video. Consider including your CTA both as part of the video, and in any text elements surrounding your video.

  1. Set clear objectives:

Want to reap higher benefits from your video marketing campaign, then you must set a clear objective, why you are making the video, whom you are targeting, will it spread your message and a lot more.

Sadly, most of the marketers are doing it without having any specific objectives.

Spend time thinking, why you are producing the video content and what you want to achieve with the video, create measurable KPIs wherever possible and then decide whether those SMART objectives justify the spend.

  1. Don’t serve your customers with Boring content:

Your customers aren’t in it to be Engaged, they are looking to be entertained.

Understanding your audience is a “must have” thing while producing effective content. Interacting with the audience doesn’t mean you really understand them.  Research about their interests and type of content they are watching. Use this research to produce content for them.  

Create content that stands out and represents your brand. Many a time it is easier to curate content when it comes to B2B.

  1. Keep video quick and short:

According to Visible Measures,

“20% of viewers stop watching after 10 seconds, and those that stick around often lose interest after two minutes.”

Brevity is the key to success when it comes to video marketing. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Curate short videos with freshly brewed content that help the viewer to stay connected. Moreover, long videos also takes time to load and decreases the chances of it being watched to the end.

  1. Optimize videos so potential customers can find them:

Your potential customers know what they are looking for, but they don’t know you offer it. While optimizing, ensure that you are using industry keywords that are used by people to search.

Don’t miss your potential leads, because you don’t understand the search terms. Think about what advice or answers people are looking for, and create and optimize content around that.

The right video at the right time can push your brand to appear higher in SERP. Each share on video catapults your brand, making it a viral sensation.  Create videos that are short, not salesy, personable, and tell a story. With the above tips in mind, you’ll quickly become an expert!


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