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5 awesome examples of brands using live video for marketing
09 March 2019

5 awesome examples of brands using live video for marketing

Live video creates a unique, real-time experience that encourages your audience to comment and interact, turning individual customers into a community. It has become an online sensation.

According to livestream,

“81% of audiences on the internet and on mobile consumed more live video in 2016 than they had the year before.”

This not only represents year on year growth, but it also presents a wonderful opportunity for marketers. And here are a few reasons why live video is getting so popular:

  • Videos appeal
  • “In the moment” value
  • User engagement and instant feedback

Not sure about how to take up live videos advantage, or if you’re looking for inspiration in your own campaign, look no further than these following examples of brands who have used it in their video marketing tactics:


  1. Buzzfeed:

Buzzfeed is not involved in the buying and selling of products or services, so it doesn’t have any products or services to showcase through live videos. Instead, they make money through advertising and specialize in getting attention with content. Of course, that’s the angle they used in a live video they streamed.

The video took 45 minutes to complete, and despite its ridiculous premise, Buzzfeed ended up attracting 11 Million viewers. This happened because, Buzzfeed piqued viewers’ curiosities, and kept escalating the tension—literally and figuratively—throughout the video.


  1. Dunkin’ Donuts:

Dunkin’ Donuts completely rely on visuals to sell its products. Brand took the advantage of live streaming video during Valentine season. This was the first LIVE tour of a Dunkin’ Donuts kitchen. With this, there was an announcement for the engaged valentines.


 The video took 13.50 minutes to complete and involved the creation of a gigantic, donut themed wedding cake.  The video attracted over 44,000 viewers.


  1. Benefit:

Benefit goes LIVE every week with ‘Tipsy Tricks’. It provides makeup tutorials. Of course, Live videos created can be promoted once they are finished. It can be used just like other uploaded Facebook videos.


This makeup tutorial LIVE video goes on for 45 minutes and have successfully attracted 59k viewers.


  1. Starbucks:

Back in September of 2016, Starbucks took to the road to embark on their first live event at Rufus King Park in Jamaica, Queens, NY for National Voter Registration Day.

This LIVE broadcasting brought several advantages to Starbucks:

  • It brought attention to Starbucks' involvement in the community.
  • Encouraged viewers to send in questions to promote engagement.
  • Earned 170k views.
  1. Tastemade:

Tastemade, is a brand that produces exceptional videos, that inspire viewers’ appetites and draw new users in. One of their most successful live video efforts was actually a live version of a pre-recorded series—the Tiny Kitchen series that uses miniatures to cook miniature versions of food.


The video has ended up with more than 3 million views as of the time of this writing, and Tastemade continues to use live videos to engage its audience.

Hopefully, the above mentioned examples help in inspiring you, or  provide you with direction to move forward. The popularity of video as a medium of online content isn’t going to fade away soon, so the quicker you can jump on the trend, the further ahead of the competition you’ll be able to get.


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